Monday, September 7, 2009

Neusiedler - Wascha Mesa

Another tune by Hans Neusiedler, a real treat this one. The title is apparently a deformation of "Passamezzo".
Here is the adaptation for low G ukulele and the Midi file. Enjoy.


  1. I started out playing this piece that slow that a snail had time to crawl around my fretboard without getting in the way.
    Once I mastered this piece up to speed it was a real surprise. Playing this piece is very therapeutic you know. I was able to get out all my pent up frustration of my misses always having a headache.
    Don't you just love classical music.
    Keep up the great work. And thanks for this excellent piece.

  2. Thank you, Gary: it's a real treat when someone leaves feedback. I do know what you mean about the therapeutic virtues of playing "classical" uke: makes your spirit soar!