Monday, October 12, 2009

Carulli - Country dance

Today is Thanksgiving day in Canada! What better way than to make music and lead a merry dance?

This is a low G adaptation (some would say shameless, but I prefer "unabashed") of Carulli's merry tune.


  1. Great Thanksgiving piece. Thanks! Are you in Canada, right now?

  2. Yes, I am in Canada today (and everyday, indeed). Lovely site you have. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Loved that tab! Spent quite a while playing it last night and had it going through my head when I woke up this morning. Found it works well on high G as well (I played it on both).

    Your site really is fantastic and has inspired my playing in a new direction, thanks so much.

  4. Thank you, J-Hob: your comment made my day!
    It really is worth experimenting with re-entrant, low G and baritone tunings (re-entrant baritone dGBE is also fun).

  5. Ohh, I shall have to try it on my baritone tonight then! Might actually be the driver for me to sort out the action on that uke, it's a bit high at the mo and makes finger-picking awkward.

    I don't know much of Carulli (other than what wikipedia tells me), but if some of his other compositions are in a similar style could I request more please!