Sunday, September 12, 2010

Binchois - Les très doux yeux

Gilles Binchois' mother apparently was from Binche, famous for its carnival and its "gilles" with their ostrich feathers headgears and orange baskets.
An adaptation of this medieval rondel for low 4th uke in TablEdit format.


  1. Hello Michael:

    Yesterday, I was at the wine country ukulele festival in Napa, CA and talked to Ken Middleton personally. He is just as cool personally as on YT. He was with the owner of Ohana and I talked to them for quite a while. They were please to see that I play an Ohana regularly. I talked to them about your designs and asked them to look at Canuke. Jeff

  2. Jeff, you truly are a prince: "amicus verus" AND "rara avis".

  3. Could you play this wonderful music with your ukulele and put it on youtube?

  4. While I enjoy building ukuleles, learning how to play and sharing the tabs I make in this learning and discovery process, I'm nowhere near good enough to do any of those pieces justice.
    Perhaps you or someone else will volunteer? Meanwhile, if you use the TablEdit free viewer, you can listen to the Midi output and use it as a tool for learning the tune.

  5. I can understand you... I'm playing ukulele only for a few months... But I hope that I can play this piece next year... I hope...