Sunday, October 3, 2010

Couperin - Les barricades (Re-entrant uke)

Practice, practice... I watched the movie Music of the heart (with Meryl Streep) last night: a very inspiring film. One of the commentators was talking about research into music and the brain and the role of the amygdala: something else to be reading about...

These TablEdited tabs are an adaptation for re-entrant uke tuning.
PDF file as well.

The picture is of the twin soprano ukes I made this year.


  1. It's difficult for me but it sounds great. Thank you ! Your site is precious for me and my ukulele (re-entrant...) !

  2. Merci de votre gentil commentaire.
    Comme le disait l'autre (Diogène, je crois) : "C'est la peine qui est bonne..."