Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anonymous - Folk dance

For low 4th tuning:

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  1. Bonjour Michel:

    I was listening to the local public radio and they had a fascinating radio show about a classical composer that began composing about the time modern music theories were being solidified and the old school musical theoreticians were dismayed.

    It made me think of you and the medieval music that you have been arranging for us and whether they were pre-modern music or post-modern music theory?

    I have mentioned before how I enjoy your musical endeavors and your sharing of these arrangements and how I often give then a go. You get many good voicings. Sometimes, I hear the nice octaves in the double stops.

    My friend Steven Strauss has told me about a book that he says is a favorite of his. I bought a copy of The Professional Arranger Composer BOOK 1 by Russell Garcia. I know I am in over my head but I have begun to grasp some concepts.

    Thank you so much,
    Jeff / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics